Is Your Home As Safe As It Could Be?

This Amazing All Natural Cleaner Will SAFELY Clean Just About Everything In Your Home! For A LOT Less Money!

Introducing Veriuni All Purpose, All Natural Cleaner

You Won't Believe That Something This Good Can Be This Safe

Veriuni All-Purpose Cleaner is the only cleaner you will use for 90% of your daily household cleaning chores.

Congratulations, your search for the perfect Environmentally Safe, All Purpose, All Natural cleaner is over! You're about to discover a fantastic new product that can replace just about every cleaner you presently use.

Have you ever stopped to count how many different cleansers you have in your home?

Like most of us, you probably have a cleaner for just about every room! And, as if that's not enough, some rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and garages have several different cleaners!

Wouldn't it be great to get rid of most of those dangerous, chemical laden cleansers and be able to do most of your daily cleaning with just one small bottle? Sure it would!

Order your Veriuni All Purpose, All Natural, Non Toxic Cleaner now and start cleaning the smart way.
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The Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner has been formulated to safely clean every room in your home. There's no more need to purchase a cleaner for your stainless steel sink, one for your mirrors and windows, one for your floors or any of the many cleaners you use to clean your bathroom.

And, if you're like the rest of us, your primary concern is for the safety of your family (including your pets)!

Fear not, the Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner is completely harmless. Its all natural formula is strong enough to clean your toilet and gentle enough to put in your bath.

Read the following to see why you should be concerned with your family's safety while using most household cleaners...

Did you know that common cleaning products could be a ticking time bomb in your home or office?

(Read this Eye Opening Article)

If your home or office is typical, it already has dozens of cleaning and personal care products that contain harmful chemicals. Let me explain...

Recent studies have revealed that most households/offices contain over 63 hazardous products that together contain hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals have the potential to greatly harm or even kill your children, your pets and you, should they accidentally not be used with the utmost caution.

Could these tragedies happen in your home or office?

When little Jennifer of Salt Lake City, UT was but a year old she crawled over to the dishwasher while her mother was unloading the dishes. She put her small finger in the detergent dispensing cup and ate a finger full of wet but un-dissolved commercial dish detergent. In minutes her face was red and blistered, the inside of her mouth and tongue were burned white. Luckily she was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room for quick medical attention. Thankfully, she recovered in a few days.

Another documented case was a 20 month old boy who had to be fed through tubes for five months and suffered through many operations. Again, the culprit was dishwasher detergent.

These are only two of thousands of cases reflecting children ingesting and being exposed to, what most consider common household products, terrible life threatening consequences.

Did you realize that the U.S. Poison Control Center has nearly 1.5 million reported cases of accidental ingestion of poisons every year. And the worst part is that most of these cases were children under 12 years of age.

I'm sure you have noticed this yourself while doing your daily cleaning chores:   watering eyes, stinging nose and strong odors!  It's almost enough to drive you from your home!

Just imagine your peace of mind if you never had to be concerned again about your family suffering from the misuse of harmful cleaning chemicals.

Veriuni's environmentally safe All Purpose Cleaner provides a powerful answer to the harm that ingestion, inhalation and absorption of common household products. Veriuni's products combine all-natural ingredients and vigorous cleaning action for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health.

Many of our customers have been using Veriuni All-Purpose Cleaner in and around their homes and say that they wouldn't use anything else!


Our All Purpose Cleaner is Incredible!...
There are hundreds of other all purpose the list could go on and on....
...and most do not add up to the concentrated value you get from the Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner and all the different safe and effective uses you get from the product...

Dallas, Tx


Hey, just 1/2 hour ago I talked to a neighbor who raises dairy calf's. I gave him a quart to try in his calf barn. His problem is called scours in newborn calves, due to the fact that they are raised inside a building and bottle nursed.
     It's caused by stress and bacteria. Now I have never tried it in my barns, since I raise my cattle outside, but I be darned if the outcome of this test does not prove this product's potential. It is not harmful to animals so he can use it on walls, gates, feeders and even floors.


Just imagine, a product that can be used on just about everything including windows, sinks, floors, bathtubs, showers, ceramic tiles, cars, even tires, and the list goes on and on. It's even safe enough to use in the baby's room.

Why do you wear rubber gloves when you clean?

Did you know that when most cleaning solutions touch even a small part of your skin, harmful chemicals can be absorbed into your body.

Do you really want your baby crawling around on your recently cleaned floor when you had to wear gloves when you cleaned it?

With Veriuni All-Purpose Cleaner you don't ever have to worry about harmful chemicals touching anything!    Just the peace of mind you'll get should be incentive enough to try this fantastic product.

Veriuni's environmentally safe cleaning products provide a powerful answer to the harm that ingestion, inhalation and absorption of common household products cause. Veriuni's products combine all-natural ingredients and vigorous cleaning action for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health.

And speaking of the environment, how about these great environmental and health facts:

  • Non-Toxic;
  • All Ingredients are biodegradable or break down into harmless natural elements;
  • Biodegrades without forming micro toxins;
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients as per OSHA regulations;
  • Free of petroleum distillates, butyl ether, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, benzene, pine oil, or strong acids;
  • Free of all known or suspected carcinogens;
  • Gray water and septic tank safe;
  • Biodegradable without effluent treatment process;
  • Cruelty free;
  • Contains no animal ingredients; and
  • Has not been tested on animals.

All natural, gentle and powerful, Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner uses only citrus-based oils, as well as ingredients from corn and other replenishable materials. They contain no dyes, artificial fragrances, or pesticide residues.

The news is incredible, Veriuni's All Purpose Cleaner works like no other cleansers on the market today. Consumers everywhere, including those at businesses, hospitals and schools are switching to environmentally safe, effective cleaners to increase health among family members, clients and employees.

How Would You Like To Avoid Paying Those Outrageous Prices For Household Cleaners?

VERIUNI All Purpose Cleaner Costs LESS Than Most Other Cleaners!

We've all heard the saying "A little goes a long way". Well, nowhere is that statement more true than right here with the Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner.

This amazing product is so powerful that you only need a small amount to do what most of your regular household cleaning products do All Put Together!

But you ask, how can this be!

It's simple, this wonderful all purpose cleaner only takes 1 or 2 caps full to a quart of water! That's right, you can (depending on how strong you mix it) get up to 48 gallons of cleaning solution from one quart!

Yes, that's 48 Gallons from one quart. Just imagine how much money that will save you in the run of a year! For a better idea of how little it will cost to clean your home with this amazing cleaner, take a look at our cost breakdown.

Let me guess, under your sink you probably have some glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, a bottle of floor wash, some type of all purpose cleaner (don't forget to use your gloves), some tub and shower cleaner, plus a few others. Am I close? Most likely I am because that's what the supermarkets want you to buy, a cleaner for every type of cleaning job.

Stop buying all of those harmful products today! One bottle of Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner can do what they can for a lot less money.

Here Are A Few Of The Uses
That Some Of Our Customers Have Come Up With

  • Cleans windows, glass and mirrors, streak free, no film.
  • Cleans bathtubs, soap scum, wall tile, grout, and toilet.
  • Cleans your white and colored clothes (use as an additive to wash) use 1 ounce per machine.
  • Cleans your automobile's body and interior, leaves a showroom finish.
  • Cleans your automobile wheels, safely and easily removes brake dust.
  • Cleans your dishes, pots and pans, the food just falls off.
  • Cleans your spa filter, tub filters and your AC unit's filters.
  • Cleans your exterior siding on your home.
  • Cleans heavy machinery...tractors, pickups, 4 wheelers, stock racks and feeders.
  • Works great as a wind shield washer solution for your automobile.
  • Cleans Fireplace soot from bricks, slate, granite.
  • Cleans oil based paints out off dishes, paintbrushes, and skin.
  • Cleans your Stove and Oven. No more strong smelling sprays!
  • Cleans felt pen marks off semi gloss paint.
  • It even unstuck a well pump!
  • Silver and jewelry cleaner.
  • And the uses just keep going on and on .....

Wow, that's an incredible array of uses for one product! I don't know of any other all natural cleaner that can do all that. And that's not all of the uses. I'm sure you can come up with more of your own once you start using this amazing all purpose natural cleaner. And if you do, I would like to know about them so I can pass them on to my visitors.

If you have comments, why not pass them on to me so I can add them to my list. Simply send an email to me (Randy) at the following address:

Now that you've read about this powerful, all purpose, all natural cleaner, now is the time to get some and see for yourself just how amazing and cost effective it really is. Don't you think it's time to get rid of all those dangerous cleaners under your sink and protect your family? Sure it is!

You can order your very own bottle of Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner right now using our secure online order form.

Simply click on the following link and you will be taken to the main store where you can order as many bottles as you need. Might as well get a bottle for Mom too! And while you're there, take a look at our other fantastic all natural products.

Veriuni All Purpose, all natural Cleaner is the only cleaner you will use for 
90% of your daily household cleaning chores.
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